Speaking Engagements

I like to talk a lot. Sometimes I do this in front of large groups of people. Here’s a clip of me speaking to 30,000 of my newest friends, live, at the University of Texas at Austin 2010 commencement. Please note that I now know how to style my hair, and do not have sleepy eyes and pale skin from too much time in the ivory tower.




Here’s a more recent clip of me speaking on finance at Project Echo, a venture capital competition ala Shark Tank for high schoolers. My hair is much better there. Phew.




Here are some of the subjects I speak about:

  • Fund Your Happy - How to Achieve Financial Freedom
  • Starting a Passive Income Business
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Real Estate Syndication
  • Making a Family Financial Plan
  • Women in STEM
  • Entrepreneurial Math (hello Shark Tank!)
  • Tax Credits (my day job, on the off chance you want to hear about tax credits)
  • What to Do After College
  • Staying Fit During Pregnancy
  • Fit, Fabulous & Worry Free Pregnancy
  • Eating Programs for Healthy Lazy People

If you want me to speak about something not on this list, just ask! Please contact me at info@moneyplushappy.com for all speaking engagements and fee inquiries.