What I Put in My Morning Smoothie and The Key to World Domination


If you're following the blog or The Facebook (what?), you may know that I recently went on a week long "vacation" - first on a 4 night Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, followed by a 2 night jaunt to the armpit known as New Jersey for my cousin's wedding reception. 

I put "vacation" in quotes because my time on this trip basic alternated between being a mild and royal pain in my ass. (Maybe that's why they call it "Royal" Caribbean?) While it's very tempting to blame a certain 11 month old who tagged along, she really had nothing to do with said ass pain. I mean, besides the part where we had to duck under our covers at 7 am so she wouldn't be able to see us across the spacious 10x10 suite we were sharing. That was romantic. 

I can, however, lay at least some of the blame on the large pack of extremely loud and apparently starving rhinos known as fellow cruise passengers whose single goal it seemed was to hoard every morsel of food in sight, as well as some really obnoxious airline stewardesses, and weather that can only be described as stickusting.

The remainder of the blame rests on myself and The Hubs for poor vacation planning and trying to be cheap. But, really, what's the fun in laying blame on yourself? Plus even though the second half of the trip was in New Jersey, a place that no one would ever willingly choose to visit, my Uncle paid for a very nice wedding reception. In particular, he reminded us several times over the course of the evening that he was paying for the open bar, at which point I would say to the bartender pouring my tequila  "make it a quadruple" then laugh hysterically. And once I had a quadruple quadruples, things really did pick up a bit. So that's nice. 

But the point of this blog is that it's great to come home. And one of the great things about being home is  routine. Routine is an essential component of achieving financial freedom, and even world domination if you're feeling frisky.  

When building a routine for world domination, it's very important to keep the following two principles in mind:

  1. Making too many decisions leads to decision fatigue.
  2. You only have so much will power in a day.

I'd like to think I'm the genius who thought of these principles, but I'll settle for being the genius who got the gist of these ideas from reading and listening to Scott Adams and Tim Ferriss

Here's a simple example to see the principles in practice. Say each morning I roll into the kitchen, rummage around in the fridge, and say "hmm I wonder what delicious breakfast I can make today from scratch?!". This is great if my plan for the day is to sit on the couch, watch game of thrones, and paint my nails. (Holy dragon balls, that sounds amazing!)

But if my plan is to focus on kicking ass and taking names, then this impromptu, inspirational breakfast hash I'm about to concoct is going to cost me precious decision making brain power. Add onto that a plan to keep my paws off the oatmeal and his carby friends in an effort to make it an extra healthy wheat free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free, potentially taste free meal, and now I've taxed my will power as well. (Ever kept it together through a tough week and found yourself surrounded by cheesecake by Friday not knowing how it got there? That's your will power tapping out.)

The good news is removing decision making and will power is actually a very easy thing to do with a good morning routine. And one of the most important components of the morning routine is breakfast. I do this by having the same healthy breakfast every day (except weekends) and having it in the fridge and ready to go the night before so that no will power is required. 

So let's talk about this breakfast - the controversial, mysterious, some may say over-hyped and of international fame -  breakfast smoothie.  I used to be in the anti smoothie camp. One major smoothie offense I had was that a lot of smoothies are a fruit, yogurt, juice mess of sugar. That crap is going to make you hungry practically the second you eat it and will make you crash as soon as your blood sugar spikes. You won't need will power for the rest of the day because you will be napping. On the other end of the spectrum, the second smoothie offense (yes, I'm actually offended) is the super complicated recipe where I have to prep a million fresh ingredients including pumpkin stems and flax from a horse's ass (What? Do you know where flax actually come from? Didn't think so). And then I have to of course buy a $500 blender to put this in because what kind of mere mortal machine could possibly blend a pumpkin stem into a pulp consumable by humans. Ok, got a little worked up there. 

The point is that it doesn't have to be this way. The smoothie I drink every morning is healthy and easy to make. But I didn't come up with this myself, of course not. 

It wasn't until I spoke with Stephanie Wolff, CEO of The Novus Center for Anti-Aging that I saw the light at the end of the smoothie cup. 

Stephanie Wolff, CEO of  The Novus Center

Stephanie Wolff, CEO of The Novus Center

I can't remember exactly where she explained to me her smoothie recipe. I think it was when we were on our way to a meditative yoga retreat in the Colorado wilderness. Oh no wait, it was actually on our way to a weekend trip to get drunk in Cabo. Well, pota-to pota-toe, ya know, whatever. 

The great thing about this smoothie is it it tastes awesome, it can be made the night before, it's so easy even a Kimbro like me can make it, and best of all, everything besides the banana is either frozen or bought from Amazon and stored in your cupboard so you can make it every day of the week without ever going to the grocery store.

I was so excited about this smoothie that I interrogated her on the plane ride down to Cabo on every ingredient and where to buy it. Then I proceeded to use all of my remaining willpower when we got there to buy the ingredients off of Amazon and shipped them back home, which left me depleted of any remaining will power and with no option but to get drunk on beers and eat tacos for the remainder of the weekend. But man, did I look great when I got back and started drinking this smoothie.

A couple things to note. I'm not great at following instructions. As such, this smoothie recipe  is a little deviated from what she told me to do as follows:

  • First, Stephanie's original recipe did not contain bananas because they are high in sugar and I think she might have said they did something bad for your colon but I ignored that part because it was gross. Additionally, with my day job, night job, this little blog project, and an infant to keep alive, I have had to outsource my smoothie making to The Hubs who refuses to make this without bananas. So bananas it is. But feel free to leave them out because Stephanie points out that the coconut water is a great source for the potassium, magnesium and calcium you would get from bananas. 
  • Additionally, Stephanie originally prescribed one scoop of these greens in each smoothie. You don't want to know what these greens did to me. But let me just say that if they do something similar to you, you will know and naturally stop using them. Otherwise I suggest you give them a try. Alternatively, she suggests a cup of kale or spinach because the vegetables offset the natural sugars from the fruit. You can use frozen spinach for this by the way which is a bit easier if you're uber lazy like me. There are no greens in the recipe below however because I would face mutiny in the smoothie making department by The Hubs who doesn't like the idea of drinking green things. (We do eat a couple fried eggs in the morning as well though for extra calories and for a little extra protein and fat).
  • Lastly the original recipe also had a scoop of almond butter in each smoothie. This is great for thickening the smoothie in place of a banana and gives you fat to last longer through the day. However, I've been trying to lower my fat content overall and have noticed a huge difference in getting lean, so I cut out the almond butter. The Hubs was ok with this modification because he didn't like having to scrape it off the spoon. Win. Win. 

As an aside, if you are looking for an all over diet plan and actually want to follow directions from someone who has a medical background in weight loss and improving health, I highly recommend you consult with Stephanie and her team at The Novus Center to discuss one of their awesome weight loss treatment plans.  They are offering a special promotion currently and can be reached at 310-954-1450 or through their website

As a good start, here is the recipe for the smoothie I drink every morning. World domination highly likely to ensue but not guaranteed.

Smoothie May Result In Extremely Youthful Appearance (Figure on left)

Smoothie May Result In Extremely Youthful Appearance (Figure on left)

World Domination Morning Smoothie
Prep Time: 5 mins
Makes: 2 smoothies

Ingredients & Instructions

The night before:

  • Get out your blender. It doesn't need to cost $500 and have the abilitiy to blend pumpkin stems. I bought this fantastic Oster blender from Amazon and it's fantastic. If you're going to buy it, please go through my link.
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries or blueberries (fruits with low glycemic index)
  • 1 banana (sorry Steph, I tried)
  • Fill blender to liter mark (about 4 cups) with coconut water (make sure there's no added sugar)
  • 3 scoops protein powder (I use this vanilla Muscle Milk - use this link to buy through amazon)
  • Couple shakes of cinnamon (to reduce insulin spike)
  • Blend! And put in the fridge. It will be okay for two nights in the fridge if you want to make more in advance.

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